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Английский язык, 9 класс, Афанасьева О


Answer the questions.

1) What mass media do you know?

2) Which is the most popular of them? Why?

3) What makes the Internet a fast developing kind of the mass media?

4) What newspapers and magazines do you read? What kind of information do you look for in them?

5) For what categories of people is the radio important?

6) The mass media give us information and entertain us. Which of the two is more important for you?

7) What do you usually watch on TV: the news, films, talk shows, sports programmes, musical programmes or any others?

8) Do you watch a lot of television? What does it give you?

Complete these sentences using the verbs in brackets in passive.

1) In the 1970s new TV technologies (to develop).

2) A lot of TV programmes (to devote) to politics.

3) In the future new TV stations (to build) in Russia.

4) I am sure the best TV films (to show) next year.

5) Television (to use) for many purposes.

6) The BBC (to know) as the best non-commercial television system.

7) Television signals (to send) from a central source and (to receive) by home TV sets.

8) More and more people (to teach) with the help of television in the future.

9) Our lives (to dominate) by television in the future.

10) We hope that more good films (to watch) by young people.

Unit 1. Mass Media: Television 3

Unit 2. The Printed Page:

Books, Magazines, Newspapers 63

Unit 3. Science and Technology 121

Unit 4. Teenagers: Their Life and Problems 182

Unit 5. Your Future Life and Career 239

Англо-русский словарь 295

Таблица неправильных глаголов 316

Список сокращений 319.

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